App Reducer

Redux works by firing actions, which express an intent to change state. Then, if all is playing well together, your reducer is the actual pure function that updates your state.

That said, let's define your AppReducer before we define any actions, so your linter will stop complaining about appReducer in your main.dart file.

First, create the file lib/reducers/app_reducer.dart

This is your directory now:

// lib folder:
- models
	- app_state.dart
- pages
	- home_page.dart
- reducers
	- app_reducer.dart

Again, a reducer is just a pure function. Generally it takes in the current state and the action that's instructing the modifying of that state. If everything goes right, it returns a new instance of your state, which your Redux Store then uses as your global state.

That said, you'll have many different Reducers that perform a particular action on your state. You'll generally have a reducer for each different slice of state.

In our case, you'd have a counterReducer and a isLoadingReducer.

But really these are just "sub-reducers". All reducers are managed by one top level reducer called the appReducer. (This is an arbitrary name -- in the JS world you'll often see it called 'rootReducer'.)

This is what your appReducers looks like with our current AppState model:

import 'package:music_party/models/app_state.dart';

AppState appReducer(AppState state, action) {
  return new AppState(
      isLoading: false,
      count: counterReducer(state.count, action),

This is basic appReducer. As your app grows, this won't necessarily get more complex, the list of properties and corresponding 'sub-reducers' will just get longer. Now, whenever you dispatch an action, that action, along with the relevant slice of state, will get passed into a each and every sub-reducer. Those reducers will mutate only the bits they're concerned with and return that. This happens in the order that you'd expect since its all synchronous.

Your linter is probably complaining right now because counterReducer doesn't exist. Let's make that next.