on Saturday, 18th of July, 2020

Constructors are used to create objects with pre-determined values for the properties. Constructors come in three flavors: the standard constructors, named constructors, and factory constructors. (Factory constructors are discussed on a different page.)

class Cat {
    String name;
    String color;
    // a simple constructor
    Cat(, this.color);

    // named constructors are used to define additional constructors
    // they return a new instance of the class, (but not with a 'return' statement) 
    // usually with some values given defined values. {
        color = 'Orange';
    // this is another named constructor example {
        color = 'Black';
    String toString() => "Cat: ${}, ${this.color}";

void main() {
    print(Cat('nora', 'orange'));
    print(Cat.fromJson({'name': 'Nora', 'color':'Orange'}));

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