Finer build control with Selector

on Wednesday, 5th of August, 2020

In the last lesson, we looked at Consumer. Before we move back to types of providers, we should look at Selector. Selector is similar to consumer, but provides some fine control over when a widgets build method is called. In a nutshell, selector is a consumer that allows you to define exactly which properties from a model you care about.

For example, suppose you're working with a User class that has 25 properties on it. You don't need to rebuild, or even pass in, a text widget that displays a user name when you update their phone numbers. Selector used for just that.

Because Selector is so similar to Consumer, we should just jump into a code example.

In my opinion, consumer is probably just fine for most use cases, unless you have an app that's so large that each build is a big deal. That said, this is all moot, because towards the end of this tutorial we will see even better ways to "consume" your models.

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