Future Provider

on Wednesday, 5th of August, 2020

In a nutshell, FutureProvider is used to provide a value that might not be ready by the time the widget tree is ready to use it's values. Therefor, the main use-case of FutureProvider is to ensure that a null value isn't passed to any widgets. Future provider has a initial value, which widgets can use until the Future value is resolved. When resolved, it the FutureProvider will tell it's descendents to rebuild, using the new value.

Importantly, this means that the widgets who rely on the value of a future provider will only rebuild once. It will display the initial value, and then the provided future value, and then won't rebuild again.

Future provider can be configured to change again if there is, for some reason, another new value from the future. But, if you anticipate multiple values from the provider, you should likely be using a `StreamProvider`.

In this example, I'm going to add onto the previous examples by adding a new class called 'Home'.

class Person {
  Person({this.name, this.age});

  final String name;
  int age;

// Classes that will be used with FutureProvider don't need to 
// mixin ChangeNotifier or anything else
class Home {
  final String city = "Portland";

  // The value that will be provided must be a `Future`.
  Future<String> get fetchAddress {
    // NB: using `Future.delayed` is mocking an HTTP request.
    // imagine that this is something like http.get("http://my_api.com/address");
    final address = Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 2), () {
      return '1234 North Commercial Ave.';
    return address;

And, to provide those classes, we'll just build on previous examples by using a second provider.

void main() {
    // You can wrap multiple providers 
      create: (_) => Person(name: 'Yohan', age: 25),
      // The future provider provides a String value, 
      // rather than the entire claass of Home
      child: FutureProvider<String>(
        create: (context) => Home().fetchAddress,
        // this will be displayed in the meantime
        // until a new value is provided from the future
        initialData: "fetching address...", 
        child: MyApp(),

Live example

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