Generating Code

on Saturday, 25th of July, 2020

Brick hides away the ugly part of fetching data from different sources. Now that we have a model, we need to create its Adapter. The Adapter (de)serializes model instances to and from multiple providers.

To generate all the necessary code for Brick run in the console:

flutter pub run build_runner build

:warning: Sometimes schema.g.dart does not detect the new migration on a first build. Run flutter pub run build_runner build again if this is the case.

To keep generated code up-to-date and making a new migration on every model save, use build_runner's watch:

flutter pub run build_runner watch

Optional Steps

Generated code should not be committed. Adding these lines to .gitignore is not required, but it is strongly recommended:

# alternately, uncomment the lines below to only target brick files
# app/adapters/*.dart
# app/db/*.g.dart
# app/brick.g.dart

While not required, it's recommend to run this command on every checkout from git. Adding these lines to .git/hooks/post-checkout help keep teams in sync when generated code is not committed

# .git/post-checkout

cd `dirname "$0"`
cd ../../
flutter pub get
flutter pub run build_runner build

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