on Saturday, 18th of July, 2020

String is the basic class with which you write text.

String greeting = 'hello, world';
String confirm = 'Press to Confirm';
String userName = 'WallaceTheCat';

Strings can be concatenated with + operator, or by simply placing multiple strings next to eachother:

print("Hello," + " World");
// Hello, World

print ("Hello" "," " World");
// Hello, World

You can interpolate values into strings with the $ operator for single values, and ${} for expressions.

var age = 29;
print("My age is $age");
// My age is 29

print("Next year I'll be ${age + 1}");
// Next year I'll be 30

The String class includes a number of methods you can use to manipulate the text.

String greeting = 'howdy'

// ['h', 'o', 'w', 'd', 'y']

assert(greeting.length == 5) // true

// 2

// false

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